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Head of School's Welcome

A very warm welcome to Cardiff Montessori School.  Every child is unique.  Here at CMS, we embody the Montessori approach which follows the child, rather than the child having to follow us.  By understanding the needs of our children we can more readily meet them.  The children here grow and flourish because we pay attention to the details that matter.

My own journey into Montessori Education began when I became a parent. As a medical doctor I had a keen interest in child development and wanted my children to experience an education that would enable them to excel academically in a holistic and joyful environment. Children today need to develop transferable skills. Education needs to prepare them to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. They need to be confident, resilient and able to manage conflicts peacefully. Education that involves rote learning and covering content without true application of knowledge will not prepare children for the future workforce or for life.  I was attracted to the Montessori method because it is does exactly that. It is learning for life. An approach and curriculum, developed based on scientific observation of the child.  I trained in Montessori and established a team of highly qualified staff. 

These trained staff carefully track and map the needs of all our children and in doing so allow them to improve one step at a time.  Maria Montessori believed that you should never give a child a task at which they won't succeed.  Rather, you should guide and facilitate the learning process so they are ready to excel.  When they are ready, they will excel.  When they excel they will come to love the process of learning.

Montessori gives children freedom, but this freedom is within limits. "To let the child do as he likes when he has not yet developed any powers of control is to betray the idea of freedom". Contrary to popular belief, this freedom creates responsible learners. By the time children are in our elementary (age 6+), they are planning their own work schedules and organising their own school trips. Looking at maps and emailing venues to make bookings. The teachers guide the children through all of their learning. There are no rewards or punishments. We are creating learners who are intrinsically motivated and self-driven. 

I believe the Montessori materials are superior to any other learning materials out there. They allow children to develop solid and concrete understanding of numeracy and literacy concepts, before moving to abstract work. This sets a very strong and powerful foundation on which their learning is scaffolded. 

All of this is underpinned by a growing and close-nit community of parents, friends and families.  I look forward to welcoming you and your child here at CMS.



Dr. Esma Izzidien
​Founder & Director

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