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Why Cardiff Montessori High Secondary?

"Every country on earth at the moment is reforming public education. There are two reasons for this. The first of them is economic. People are trying to work out how do we educate our children to take their place in the economies of the 21st century? How do we do that given that we can't anticipate what the economy will look like at the end of next week, as the recent turmoil demonstrated. How do we do that? ... The problem is they're trying to meet the future by doing what they did in the past."

Sir Ken Robinson

We believe the Montessori approach to secondary education is the reform needed to enable students to leave school with the skills and knowledge they require to be successful


"Education should not limit itself to seeking new methods for a mostly arid transmission of knowledge: its aim must be to give the necessary aid to human development"
Maria Montessori

What to expect 

CMS is excited to be the first Montessori secondary school in Wales. We are now accepting secondary students. Our school is growing in line with students who have come through our primary school. 

Like all Montessori classes, secondary students are part of a mixed age classroom. Year 7 students are admitted to the upper elementary classroom and are known as "seniors". 


From Year 8 to Year 10, students then enter Cardiff Montessori High. While all four year groups mix at various parts of the day,  there is a sub-division between years 8 & 9 and 10 & 11 (GCSE years). 


“If puberty is on the physical side a transition from an infantile to an adult state, there is also, on the psychological side, a transition from the child who has to live in a family, to the adult who has to live in society. These two needs of the adolescent: for protection during the time of the difficult physical transition, and for an understanding of the society which he is about to enter to play his part as an adult. ”

Maria Montessori

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