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What is the Hardship Rate Relief?


The Hardship rate relief is a discretionary source of financial help available to all parents seeking to register their child for full time attendance.

The aim of the relief rate is to help improve access to Montessori education. It is a discounted rate payable for a specific period. It’s a discretionary relief, which means it’s not guaranteed to be offered.

Once offered it will remain applicable for the duration of your child’s time in the school, provided your circumstances remain the same. In some cases the relief rate may be offered for a fixed period. When applicable, this would be made clear at the time of the offer.

Application Process:

Parents wishing to apply must complete the form below. Applications are then reviewed by the school director and accounts manager. Factors taken into account include: parental income, commitment to the Montessori method, the number of students in receipt of the rate relief and financial funds available from the school.

If your application is approved we will write to you outlining the relief rate available and the terms and conditions applicable. You will be required to submit proof of eligibility such as bank statements for 3 months and 3 months of payslips. 

The hardship rate relief is currently only applicable to children in year 5, 6 and 7.

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