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At CMS we follow the Montessori 'Curriculum'. Children are provided with a rich and stimulating environment full of opportunities to explore and discover. Teachers act as guides, helping the child to navigate through their learning journey. In the 0-6 years teachers typically present lessons one-to-one, ensuring each child gets the individualized learning experience they need, while children aged 6-12 years typically have lessons given in small groups to allow children to collaborate and extend their learning with their peers.  

Children are shown how to be independent and self-directed learners, each responsible for following their own individualised timetable planner. Mathematical and language skills are taught through hands on learning materials and the passage to abstraction occurs seamlessly through these spectacular Montessori materials. 


The 0-6 years is the foundation upon which everything else will depend. During these early years our focus is on providing experiences and opportunity for optimal brain development and skills. We want to aid children in the development of their executive function skills, to help them concentrate, wait for a turn, manage emotions and develop a love of learning. The 6-12 years is a period for great acquisition of knowledge as the child begins to explore in much greater detail the world around them and search for answers to big questions.

Our lead teachers also have an excellent awareness of national curriculum and ensure they regularly review a child's progress with respect to national standards.  





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6-12 years

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