Math Class


CMS plans to open the first Montessori secondary school in Wales in September 2022.

This will comprise of mixed age classes with approx. 10 students per year group. Year 8, 9, 10 and 11 will work together as a community of 40 students. They will be able to experience the power of working together and importance of valuing the contribution of everyone in the group. Children must now be given the opportunity to experience real life work in a safe and supportive environment in preparation for life beyond school.

There will be a sub-division between years 8 & 9 and 10 & 11 (GCSE years). The secondary class will be led by 2 teachers; one overseeing year 8 & 9 and the other overseeing year 10 &11.

They will help students plan work schedules and monitor their progress. Specialist teachers will come in to deliver group lessons to students in accordance with their chosen subject areas.

In Montessori, academic study comes out of real life learning experiences. The children will have to run their own enterprise and manage their own small farm. Through these two key experiences, opportunities for further research and study will manifest. The aim of these key experiences is to have work that is an ongoing reality and not a series of isolated projects. 

In general, students will only be admitted to the secondary after attendance in a Montessori Primary. If you would like to send your child to CMS secondary, we recommend they enrol in our primary at the earliest point possible.

Further information on secondary expansion plans will follow.