Policy code    Name of policy

A1    Accident and first aid 
A2    Access policy
A3    Admissions 
A4    Additional learning needs
A5    Allergy and Allergic reactions
A6    Anti-Bullying
A7    Attendance
A8    Arrivals and departures
B1    Behaviour management 
C1    Complaints
C2    Confidentiality & data protection
C3    Curriculum policy
C4    Coronavirus 
E1    Equal opportunities 
E2    Emergency evacuation procedure
F1    Fire and critical incidents
F2    Food hygiene
F3    Healthy eating and food
H1    Health and Safety policy
I1    Infection control
I2    Insole court outings
L1    Lost, missing or not collected child
L2    Lost items and responsibility
M1    Medication policy
O1    Outside users, visitors and volunteers
O2    Outside contractors and hot work
R1    Risk management 
S1    Sickness and illness
S2    Staff disiplinary policy and procedure
S4    Staff code of conduct
S3    Safeguarding
S5    Stair policy 
S6    Snow and bad weather 
T1    Toileting and nappy changing 
T2    Trips and outing
V1    Video and photography
W2    Whistle blowing 
SP1    Statement of purpose
OP1    Operational procedure
SC1    School charter 1

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