Head of School's Welcome,


A very warm welcome to Cardiff Montessori School & Nursery.  Every child is unique.  Here at CMS, we embody the Montessori approach which follows the child, rather than the child having to follow us.  By understanding the needs of our children we can more readily meet them.  The children here grow and flourish because we pay attention to the details that matter.

Our trained staff carefully track and map the needs of all our children and in doing so allow them to improve one step at a time.  Maria Montessori believed that you should never give a child a task at which they won't succeed.  Rather, you should guide and facilitate the learning process so they are ready to excel.  When they are ready, they will excel.  When they excel they will come to love the process of learning.

Montessori gives children freedom, but this freedom is within limits. "To let the child do as he likes when he has not yet developed any powers of control is to betray the idea of freedom". Contrary to popular belief, this freedom creates responsible learners. By the time children are in our elementary (age 6+), they are planning their own work schedules and organising their own school trips. Looking at maps and emailing venues to make bookings. The teachers guide the children through all of their learning. There are no rewards or punishments. We are creating learners who are intrinsically motivated and self-driven. 

I believe the Montessori materials are superior to any other learning materials out there. They allow children to develop solid and concrete understanding of numeracy and literacy concepts, before moving to abstract work. This sets a very strong and powerful foundation on which their learning is scaffolded. 

All of this is underpinned by a growing and close-nit community of parents, friends and families.  I look forward to welcoming you and your child here at CMS.




Dr. Esma Izzidien
​Founder & Director

Our Values

Be Kind: Being kind often requires courage and strength. Kindness is a willingness to full-heartedly celebrate someone else's successes. Kindness is also about telling the truth in a gentle way so it is helpful to the other person.

Be Honest: Without honesty there is no foundation for a lasting or enjoyable relationship in any context. Integrity depends on honesty. Integrity is doing what is right even when it is not easy and not popular.


Be Respectful: Respect involves accepting difference not merely tolerating difference. Respect leads to better understand and communication.


Be Responsible: Responsibility is essential for smooth and effective operation. It requires all parties to take ownership of their duties and accept the impact of their actions on others.  


Be Montessori: Montessori education is different. It nurtures each child’s individual strengths and interests. It is about encouraging children to explore and understand the world and equipping them not just academically but with life skills, self-awareness and resilience. It is about ensuring they are ready for secondary education and the challenges of life in real and meaningful ways. It is a complete outlook on education and childhood and not just a curriculum.

Our History

Our journey began back in 2014. The Director of CMS, Dr Esma Izzidien, was at the time searching for a Montessori provision for her own two children. Realising there was none, she decided to work towards opening her own. She searched for Montessori teachers who shared her passion and began work. Initially running parent and toddler sessions to establish demand in the community, the project grew quickly following the instant success of the sessions. 

We opened a small sessional nursery in September 2015 in Creigiau, operating from a Church Hall. The nursery was very successful and demand for a full time nursery grew. Having experienced the benefits of Montessori, parents whose children were due to start Primary School were also keen that their children should be able to continue with a Montessori education.


The decision to expand and move to Llandaff to open Wales’s first Montessori School was met with a huge level of interest and excitement.

CMS has been operating at Insole Court since September 2016. Growing organically with our students we opened our elementary class in September 2017. 

Cardiff Montessori School and Nursery is operated by: 
Cardiff Montessori School Limited,  
C/O Bevan & Buckland Langdon House, Langdon Rd, Swansea, SA1 8QY. Company number: 10033360  
Company Director: Esma Izzidien 

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